WIAWIS Nano Carbon frame set

Why you should choose the WIAWIS frame set


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What advantage does Nano Carbon and S-core carbon give you


S-core carbon tube has a 41% in bending strength, 31% on compression strength, and 54% on distortional strength  over normal carbon tubing. This gives the rider more advantages over all other carbon frames on the market today.

What are the advantages


The highly advance ROKON frame is made of Nano carbon and S-core shaft carbon. This creates a much stiffer BB there for creating a fare more explosive force at the gate and makes for a much more efficient power stroke.

What are your options


The ROKON frame set gives you the options of running a 10mm,15mm or 20mm drop out along with the option of using a 10mm or 20mm fork drop out. 

Who rides a WIAWIS now


WIAWIS BMX is taking the market by storm with some of the top Pro BMX racer and top AM Teams in the world today. The likes of Sylvain Andre, Carlos Rameriz and the WIAWIS/LSG Factory team in the USA run by 8x Factory team owners Donavon & Traci Long

How can you buy one


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