Importance of bicycles

Why is it important to teach our kids how to ride a bike you ask? This has always been a topic  sense the begining of time. Learning to ride a bike as a kid was so important to our past generations and over the years that has been pushed to the side by  the worlds technology . 

Long's Sport Group is helping to bring this back to our youth and as a young kids our selfs we remember how much fun it was to have the annual school bike rodeo. This was a learning point in our youth that would become so important as we became older.  

With the help of  supporting bicycle brands we are working together  to bring back the bicycle school programs around the country and accross the globe. This will take all of us working together to teach our youth how to ride a bicycle and why it is so important to learn at a young age. 

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You can send us a email to find out more information about the specific types of school programs that Long's Sport Group can offer your local school or the entire school district 

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