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Who is Donavon Long

- 21 years direct involved in BMX racing 

- High performance BMX Factory and Bike shop Team manager/ owner for over 20 years.

- Most successful team manager in BMX history ( by Pull Mag )

-12 National team titles and 2 world team titles.  More than any other Team manager in BMX history 

- USA BMX and USA cycling BMX Licensed coach 

- Coached National, International and Olympic athletes including my son Nic Long who competed in the 2012 Olympic Games in London, England and the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

- Coached more #1 riders than any other coach in BMX history 

- Coached six Olympic athletes in the past 10 years.

 - Generated over 1.8 Million dollars in sponsorship revenue over the last 10 years for our direct race team.

- Attended UCI BMX World Cup events  and UCI BMX World Championships since 2007 as a coach and as a team owner.

- Managed the Oldsmar BMX SX facility for nine months. During that time, facilitated 12 international teams to train in Florida, training six days a week at the facility.

 - Close relationships with all international team managers and international team riders.

- Personal relationships with all Olympic BMX medalists in 2008, 2012 & 2016 Olympic games (male and female).

Who is Traci Long

Traci has been involved in BMX for the past 8 years. Traci is one of the most important parts to making LSG a success as she has the relationships and the people skills to work with anyone at anytime. 

- Has run her own successful programs for many riders and has helped to develop many of the programs that LSG uses now in the sport of BMX racing.

- Is a professional photographer and she uses that to capture some of the most amazing images of riders doing what they do best. 

Real testimonials from parents

Hi Donavon. Just wanted to thank you again for the clinic in KY this weekend. It was by far the best clinic we have done and I will bring James to more, hopefully this season. I am implementing a set workout at practice right away. Other than the one the kids did Sunday, do you have a list of workouts to do at the track that you sell or offer to parents? We do 1-2 Nationals a month do you suggest tapering the week before each big race? James is 6 (almost X) if that makes a difference. Thanks!!   (Heather)

Hey Coach.   My son Ethan wanted to say thanks again for the training at blue springs.   He's been trying to practice harder and setting more goals.   I found out Shortly after we started that he's very good at setting his own goals and working to accomplish them!   In barely over a year he's managed to go expert and even won 2 of his 3 expert races. ( The second place was very close at Missouri state finals!  He's already won KS state championship)  He thinks practicing hard will make a big difference he says.... Lol.  He's decided to go for national rank next year so we'll probably see you at the races!   Anyways, just wanted to say you made an impact on my son, and we're both thankful for that!


I just want to reach out and say thank you so much for the clinic you put on last weekend at Derby City:) Our girl took it seriously and really looked at her practice and started planning it out and letting my hubs and I know what we can do to help her during those times...needless to say she had some really good and some improvement areas but she got her first national win ever on Saturday 📷 Thank you!!!  (Michelle)

No Refund policy

LSG has a no refund policy on any preregistration events. If a clinic or camp has to be canceled or rescheduled for any reason all pre registered riders will be rebooked into the rescheduled event. The rider may also wish to attend any other clinic/camp that LSG is offering durning the year for the same price. 

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